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    Ryan Reynolds Stripped Naked In A Phone Booth For The New "Deadpool 2" Teaser

    ::: cues Superman theme :::

    Deadpool 2 is scheduled to come out next year, but it's never too early for a teaser, right?

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    The teaser has been playing in theaters before the Wolverine Logan movie, but Ryan Reynolds — being the good guy he is — released the teaser on Saturday for all of us to enjoy.

    The teaser starts off with Deadpool seeing a robbery take place, and in typical Deadpool fashion he decides to do something about that.

    Deadpool races to a nearby telephone booth while the Superman theme music plays so he can change into his disguise.

    Please note the Logan marquee in the background, and the name "Nathan Summers" written on the telephone booth. Summers is also known as Cable — the mutant soldier who will be teaming up with Deadpool in the sequel.

    And, as he soon discovers, changing in a telephone booth is actually hard AF.

    It takes so long, in fact, that the old man he was trying to save gets shot... whoops.

    Which leads Deadpool to ponder this important question:

    Deadpool 2 coming...not soon enough.

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