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    Looks Like Redheads May Finally Get The Emojis They So Desperately Need

    About damn time.

    As most redheads know, the year is 2017 and there is still no ginger emoji.

    The struggle is fucking REAL.

    When you're texting & realize there's still no redhead emoji. #NeedARedheadEmoji @unicode

    But, HARK, what news is this?! Our pleading may have actually made a difference?!

    Yes, my fellow gingers, according to a report by Emojipedia, a redhead emoji is on the agenda for the next Unicode Technical Committee meeting.

    The meeting, which takes place next week and is hosted by Apple, is addressing several different options to implement a red emoji.

    In the last three months, "the lack of a redhead emoji has been the most frequent complaint from Emojipedia users."

    Just goes to show, there's strength in red numbers.