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28 Reasons To Appreciate Your Dad This Father's Day

They've given you the gift of dad humor, for starters.

1. They helped you learn how to walk.

2. And took care of you when nobody else could.

Annie Robertson / Via

3. Because your father never played favorites.

Mainly because there weren't enough options.

4. If it weren't for your dad, you wouldn't have someone to give sappy Father's Day cards to.

5. They help you get through rough breakups.

6. And will legit kill anyone who breaks your heart.

7. Dads make sure you know the value of a good nap.

8. They're always proud of your achievements, no matter how ridiculous.

9. They teach you how to do cool things: skateboarding like a badass, for instance.

10. And how to survive the zombie apocalypse.

11. They also teach you how to drink, like a champ.

12. Without dads, we wouldn't have their amazing dad humor.

13. That humor that only a dad can harness.

14. Dads try to be hip, so they can relate to you.

15. But they have no concept of pop culture, and it's adorable.

16. And if they do, they'll make sure to use it against you — in the most epic way possible.

17. Dads give you realistic expectations about life.

18. Sometimes they have trouble understanding the intricacies of texting, like how to scroll up.

This one is care of my own father, who will likely text me about these funny cats again.

19. They don't understand Twitter, and it can make you question your own life choices.

20. They also don't understand Facebook...

21. Until they do, and then it's awesome.

22. When you need to express your creativity, they're there.

23. Seriously, you can draw a garden on their bare back and it's like, "Go for it, Picasso."

24. They'll take you to really loud concerts, even when their hearing is at stake.

25. Dads help to make sure that their little girls turn into big superheroes.

26. And that their little boys grow up to save the world.

27. Seriously, dads help you believe that you can be anything you want to be.

28. And if you'd rather be a zombie hunter, they can help you with that too.

Happy Father's Day! xoxo

But especially to my own awesome dad, who's responsible for #18. Love you!

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