21 Problems We Can All Understand

Don’t worry, friends, we’re in this hole together.

1. When your battery is low, but the charger is in the other room.


2. When you’re about to hit send, and this terrible thing occurs:


3. When snack time becomes a veritable Sophie’s Choice.

Via qr.ae


4. When one click can change your whole afternoon.


5. When your delicious cookie gets trapped, like some prisoner, in a glass that doesn’t deserve it.

That glass isn’t good enough for you, cookie friend!

6. When your computer had ONE JOB, but you tried to give it two.


7. When your hair suffers the consequences of your actions.


8. When you accidentally hit the wrong key, and now you have to retype your password.


9. When your precious sleepy time is compromised.


10. When the batteries run out in your electric toothbrush, and now you’re at a loss.


11. When it’s your birthday, and you wrestle with whether to respond to each person or post a general “THANK YOU” message.


12. When you see this, and there’s just nothing you can do about it.

13. When your grocery bags refuse to do their one job correctly.

14. When this epic disaster happens:

15. When you do exactly as told, and are rewarded with frustration.

16. When all you wanted was something refreshing, and now you’ll never ever get it.


20. When you have so much in the fridge, that there’s no room to add your new groceries.


21. And when your cereal box betrays you.

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