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    Please Buy Me These Glorious Poop Emoji Sculptures

    For all the poop fans.

    We're all familiar with our friendly, neighborhood poop emoji, right?


    Mainly because, like a friend, it's always there for us. πŸ’©

    Well, now you can own a real-life poop emoji, except way fancier because it's a damn sculpture.

    Art, but also poop? Yes to this.

    Created by artist Matthew LaPenta, these poop sculptures weigh in at a solid 3 lbs.

    That's one perfect poo.

    But they're small enough to fit on your desk, on the kitchen table, or on the pillow next to you while you sleep. Whatever you like, really!

    The poop art is part of a Kickstarter campaign, and the sculptures range from $115 to $135.

    Plus they come in three poop-tastic colors: nickel, copper, and brass.

    Going for the copper myself, personally.

    Thank you, world, for creating art that's this spectacular.

    Excited for this shit show. πŸ‘πŸ½

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