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    17 Realities Everyone Who Is Child-Free By Choice Knows

    No kids, no problem.

    1. When someone asks if you want to have kids:


    2. And when they tell you that time IS TICKING:


    3. When you drop the truth bomb:

    heidimerethe83 / Via

    4. And then they follow up with, "But WHY don't you want kids?":

    CBS / Via

    5. When your friend who has kids says, "You're so lucky, you have so much free time," and you're like...

    amandaandhercats / Via

    6. When you know this is the only baby you want:

    7. When you really think about where you are in life:

    8. When you really enjoy the little moments in life:

    alyceoneword / Via Instagram: @alyceoneword

    9. When people say you'll regret not having kids:

    Netflix / Via

    10. When you try to have sympathy for your friends who are parents:

    jiamadeit / Via

    11. And when your friends say, "You'd LOVE having kids, because [insert many reasons here]":

    Paramount / Via

    12. When you go over to other people's houses:


    13. When your parents lay the pressure on nice and thick:

    cskyez / Via

    14. When your family thinks you're going through a phase:

    jme_xo93 / Via

    15. When you imagine what you'd be like if you were a parent:

    ABC / Via

    16. When you're reminded that you're not an anomaly:

    htnokids / Via

    17. And when you remember that you love your life, because you chose it:

    htnokids / Via

    No kids, and doing JUST FINE, thanks.

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