17 Photos That Will Make You Want To Go Back To Pizza Hut In The '80s Or '90s

    I want my Book It button!

    Can we be real here? Pizza Hut was never better than it was in the '80s and '90s, and I'll tell you why:

    1. You could watch TV and catch your fave, Pizza Head, telling you to go to Pizza Hut ASAP.

    2. And when you did go to Pizza Hut it was legit shaped like a hut.

    3. It was also a classy AF sit-down restaurant where you'd have an actual meal. I mean, look at these light fixtures!

    4. You could fill up your red glass with all the sugary soda you wanted.

    5. And when you ordered a Pizza Hut kids meal, you'd get your own personal box with one of your faves on it.

    6. Every time you finished reading a book you'd get your Book It! sticker that you could put on your button.

    7. And when you filled the button up with stickers, you'd earn a FREE personal pizza.

    8. Then there were the Playstation game demos that came with the kids meals, so you could go home and play your heart out.

    9. Maybe you were lucky enough to score yourself a pair of Back to the Future II promotional shades.

    10. Or a Fievel Goes West promo cup.

    11. They gave out all kinds of cups, actually, like these "Cool," "Wow," "Fun," ones that were all of the above.

    12. And you probably remember the commercials for the Ninja Turtles' concert tour that was sponsored by Pizza Hut, duh.

    13. You'd get awesome posters with your meals that you could then put up in your room.

    14. And they always gave out cool toys, like this epic Batley hand puppet from Eureka's Castle.

    15. Or these other insanely cool glow-in-the-dark Casper hand puppets.

    16. Not to mention the Land Before Time set — you had to collect them all!

    17. And the absolute ultimate: If you were VERY lucky, you got to order the Bigfoot pizza.