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19 Photos That Are Too Real For People With A Unique Name

There will never be a keychain for you.

1. This shocker:

2. When explaining your name gets old:

3. This undeniable truth:

4. Not being able to count all the ways people misspell your name:

5. Or when you actually discover new ways to spell your name:

6. Whenever you had a new teacher:

7. Or worse, when the substitute came in and you had to explain all over again:

8. This rare and beautiful thing:

9. Feeling left out of basically everything:

10. When other people think they're funny:

11. Being told your name isn't a real name:

12. Having "that name":

13. Going grocery shopping:

14. "Can you repeat that?":

15. Emails, in general:

16. Having a popular name that isn't spelled the popular way:

17. When people try to make your name "easier" with a nickname:

18. Knowing you'll never hear your name in a song:

19. And finally, the way you should respond every time someone questions your name: