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18 Truths For People Who Love Wine

"Do I want more wine? Is that a real question?" —you rn

1. When you forget to look:

2. Your weekend goals:

3. The importance of every drop:

4. Making new "friends":

5. The truth:

6. Your stress relief:

7. Doing your due diligence:

8. The best kind of night in:

9. This struggle:

10. Having very little chill when it comes to wine:

11. Your deepest, darkest fears:

12. Being home for the holidays:

13. This beautiful reality:

14. The best part of being at a party:

15. Shopping for some new friends to bring home:

16. Explaining what a tasting is all about:

17. Being poured a glass:

18. And when you're wondering whether or not you should open a bottle: