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    Jun 14, 2013

    29 People Who Will Make You Question Your Priorities

    We're all doing it wrong. So very, very wrong.

    1. The athlete who's busy keeping his beer safe.

    2. This cinnamon roll enthusiast.

    3. The person who knows EXACTLY what a lawn mower is for.

    Hint: It's for driving to the liquor store.

    4. The 8-year-old Casanova, and presidential hopeful.

    5. The criminals who really chose their prize wisely.

    6. The driver who made sure to protect his precious cargo.

    7. This man who knows the key to survival is Wi-Fi.

    8. The girl who chose Reese's ice cream over push-ups.

    9. The Dexter fan who won't be going to anyone's birthday on Sunday.

    10. The world's best boyfriend.

    11. The genius who made the best to-do list ever.

    12. The man whose true love is his own beautiful goatee.

    13. The guy who's already married to World of Warcraft.

    14. The zookeepers who don't need any extra grief.

    15. Whoever filled the "college essentials" shelf with Solo cups and pong balls.

    16. Or the grandma who'd rather spend time with 3-D cats than anything else.

    Well played, g-ma.

    17. The person who stocked their fridge with ice pops.

    18. And the kid who should definitely find the person with the ice pop fridge above.

    19. The victim who knows alcohol is the true cure-all.

    20. The girl whose real BFF is bacon hummus.

    21. The responsible driver who made his brake priorities known.

    22. The cat who hunts in his bowl.

    23. This future NBA star.

    24. The man who chose bathing in cheese balls over water.

    Way to be, cheese guy.

    25. Josh Groban's antique-loving hand.

    26. The significant other who needs to make an omelet.

    27. The workers who put up these very important signs.

    28. The mom who forgot her child but remembered the most important thing.

    29. And the people who survived a flood with their beer in tact.


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