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17 People Who Failed So Hard They Almost Won

These people are actually heroes.

1. Whoever was just trying to cook a nice, sensible dinner, and accidentally destroyed it all.

2. The girl who thought putting a hand mixer in her hair could be cool.

3. The dad who just wanted to give his daughter a big push!

4. The kids who tried to perform this trick.

5. The girl who tried to shake up her makeup routine.

6. The woman who will never see her iPhone again.

7. The cat who just found out what a bathtub is.

8. The man who deeply regrets his sand decision.

9. The woman who really just wanted a better view.

10. The guy who just wanted to recapture his youth.

11. The poor kid who was supposed to bring out this cake, and ended up face-planting in it.

12. The girl who doesn't know what went wrong with her snowman cookie.

13. The woman who REALLY picked the wrong spot to tan.

14. These bros, who are just trying to relax under a cannonball.

15. This guy, and his friend who's about to hurl.

16. The aspiring basketball star.

17. And the baby who really didn't sign up for this shit.

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