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    Posted on Jul 4, 2013

    25 People Who Are Having A Worse Time At The Airport Than You

    Trust me, that long line isn't so bad.

    1. Anyone who tries to ride a luggage cart and totally eats it.

    2. The baggage handlers who have to deal with checking in this giant gator.

    3. Anyone trying to carry white powder that is most definitely not cocaine.

    4. Anyone with multiple kids on leashes.

    5. Anyone whose "friend" slipped a dildo into their carry-on baggage.

    6. The dad who's going to have to rip off each individual sticker, like a million Band-Aids.

    7. The person whose family blew up their most derpy photo and put it on a giant stick:

    8. Anyone who's taking the shuttle for Mr. Dick Cheese.

    9. And the person who has to walk up to this welcome sign.

    10. Anyone who has to share a plane with these black widow spiders.

    Where's Samuel L. Jackson when you need him?

    11. Anyone who wants to kiss longer than three minutes.

    12. The guy who put his hand down his pants and forgot to put up a "No Photography" sign.

    13. Anyone who doesn't take worms seriously.

    14. Anyone who puts their face this close to the conveyor belt.

    You know that kids about to get smacked with Samsonite.

    15. The person picking up someone with the last name Horny.

    16. Jasmine, who has definitely learned her lesson.

    17. Anyone who's so exhausted from traveling that they fall asleep on the floor of a photo booth.

    18. Any kid who thinks the floor looks like a bed.

    19. Anyone picking up in the D baggage claim.

    20. Anyone who decides to eat a meal at the airport.

    21. Anyone who thinks sitting on the floor will help you haul off that heavy suitcase.

    22. Anyone whose plane is taken hostage by bees.

    23. Anyone who has to take their pants off for security reasons.

    Brian Reilly / AP

    And the people who have to make sure everything is secure, for that matter.

    24. Or anyone who shows up to the airport without their pants at all.

    No pants? A little bit of a problem.

    25. And Edward Snowden: