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    Posted on Jul 3, 2014

    19 People That Shouldn't Be On Tinder

    It's not possible to swipe left fast enough.

    1. Anyone who used any of these stunning pickup lines.

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    2. Afshin and his red pill.

    3. The guy who will tie dumbbells to his balls AND use Ellen's queef to win your love.

    4. The guy who's probably masturbating outside your window right now.

    5. The guy whose Game of Thrones pickup line ACTUALLY worked.

    6. Ryan.

    7. The couple who is magically PERFECT for each other.

    8. The Goblin King.

    9. The guy who took a selfie with some urinals.

    10. Jay's bulge.

    11. The guy with an average sized dick, give or take a few inches.

    12. Tristan's tongue.

    13. The guy who just wants to show you what's in the back of his van.

    14. Adam.


    15. Batman.

    16. The man whose profile photo basically says it all.

    17. The kid who stole his parents phone.

    18. The guy who still owns CDs, and also stores them on his nips.

    Tinder makes Monday nights so much better. Hello David.

    Harriet Newman@HarrietNewman

    Tinder makes Monday nights so much better. Hello David.

    11:58 AM - 30 Jun 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    19. The gentleman who just wants to offer you a nice place to sit.

    Profile Mr Wanker of the night #30daytinder #tinderfail

    Suzanne Nguyen@StringStory

    Profile Mr Wanker of the night #30daytinder #tinderfail

    1:37 AM - 28 Jun 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

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