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    Oprah's Top 20 Ways To Improve Your Day

    Get ready to live your best life!

    20. Schedule some alone time and take a long bubble bath with your BFF, Champagne.

    19. Be honest and tell someone exactly what you think of them.

    18. Take up a new hobby that connects you to nature, like walking dogs in the rain.

    17. Find a fun exercise that works for you, like dancing to Bey's music...with Bey.

    16. Drop a toxic friend in a very public way, so they know not to mess with you again.

    15. Aggressively tune out all the idiotic noise in the world.

    14. Tap into your spiritual side and pay tribute to what's important in life.

    13. Open yourself up to new opportunities, by opening your mouth and arms as wide as they'll go.

    Like this.

    Or go big with this.

    Or this for the win.

    12. Talk it out until you cry it all out.

    11. Take a mental break and ask your BFFs to do the thinking for you.

    10. Make a list of things you enjoy doing, like proving that you're better than everyone else.

    9. Go on an adventure to someplace new, and wear a fabulous cowboy hat while doing it.

    8. Then eat some fried butter while you rock that hat.

    7. Spread your passion for hater blockers.

    6. These three things: Pink shirt, a swing, and Drew Barrymore.

    5. Be brave enough to say "No" when someone asks for a favor, even if you kind of owe them.

    4. Make yourself pretty!

    3. Turn off your mind for a few minutes while enjoying some "Fergalicious" wine with Fergie.

    2. Practice gratitude and know that you deserve everything you have.

    1. Remind yourself that while every other talk show host is doing the best they can, you are still the reigning queen, and no one can usurp your throne.

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