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    Nicolas Cage Roulette Is Just As Awesome As It Sounds

    If you have a Netflix account and can't decide which side of Nic you want to see, then this is the site for you.

    Here's the thing about Nicolas Cage: He's a passionate man. So passionate, that he's got over 70 movies under his belt. 70 beautiful masterpieces.

    Only problem with that? As a Nic Cage fan, choosing just one of his tour de force films to watch can be a very difficult experiment in self-control.

    Fret no more, friends, for behold This new website offers you the choice of all of Nic's films, versus his action packed thrillers, so you don't have to spend hours sweating over which flick is the right one.

    Click on "ACTION MOVIES" and you might get...

    Or hit "ALL MOVIES" for classics like...

    This site is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

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