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Nick Lachey Covered Up His 98 Degrees Tattoo And I Feel Personally Attacked

"Invisible Man" is actually about Nick's tattoo, probably.

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Hey, remember the late '90s, early '00s, aka peak boy-band time?

And more specifically, remember how Nick Lachey was THE hottest part of 98 Degrees?

Instagram: @nicklachey

You knew he was hot because there was a massive tattoo of a burning sun on his bicep.

Instagram: @nicklachey

Also, he was just actually a hot guy as well.

Well, what was once a hot summer day is now a solar eclipse, my friends.

Instagram: @nicklachey

To quote 98 Degrees, "She's been good to me, and she deserves better than that..."

("The Hardest Thing," anyone?)

("The Hardest Thing," anyone?)

RIP, sun tat. Idk about Nick, but I do...cherish you.

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