New York Art Installation Turns Into Adorable Marriage Proposal

    Art geeks, get ready to step your romance game up! This proposal is totally epic, thanks to the help of acclaimed photographer, Jordan Matter.

    Meet Betsy and Peter! College sweethearts who've been dating for seven years, and now live in New York together.

    They're also huge fans of photographer Jordan Matter, whose New York Times bestseller, Dancers Among Us, features photos of dancers leaping in the midst of daily life.

    Peter loved Jordan's photography so much, that he bought five of his prints as an anniversary gift to Betsy in 2010.

    Those five photographs hang in their Queens home to this day.

    This past January, Peter decided he wanted to propose to Betsy in an epic way, so he emailed Jordan to see what he could do.

    Jordan was gearing up for a "Dancers Among Us" art installation at the Grace Building...

    Which would project images of Jordan's stunning photography onto the outside of the building.

    On May 7, the first day of the installation, Jordan agreed to meet Peter and take a Dancers Among Us photo in Times Square.

    But he then did one better, and offered to include Peter's photo the next night at the very end of the installation.

    The Grace Building happens to be one of Betsy's favorites in New York, but she almost didn't make it to the show after a work meeting ran late.

    Betsy sprinted to the installation, after Peter texted that she was "about to miss the best part!"

    When she got there, she found Peter waiting, along with his leaping for love photo.

    It took Betsy a bit to process what was happening, "It looked like Peter," she said, "and then it was Peter."

    Betsy said "Yes," and I have a feeling they'll be hanging another Jordan Matter print in their living room pretty soon!