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    15 Moments When Stella Gibson Was A Total Badass

    Watch The Fall so Stella (Gillian Anderson) can teach you how to be a boss. Warning: Some spoilers ahead!

    1. When she was DTF and not subtle about it at all.

    2. When she reminded this idiot of her title.

    3. When she said being a man was a birth defect.

    What makes it badass: She not only answered Jim's question efficiently, but she also made him shut the fuck up.

    4. When she gave zero fucks about other people's judgment.

    5. When Stella reminded Tom of what a hostile world women have to live in because of how men behave.

    What makes it badass: Stella, without raising her voice or explicitly calling Tom an idiot, was able to tell a little story that proved he's an idiot.

    6. When she saved her friend Reed from being hit on by this dillhole.

    7. Which led her to MAKE OUT with Reed just to prove a point: Step. Off. Dude.

    8. When Stella refused to categorize women as "innocent," or put them into any other categories for that matter.

    9. That time a colleague made a "joke" about hating women in power, and Stella just quietly made her #judgingyou face.

    10. When she told a pompous reporter to go fuck himself, basically.

    11. When she told Jim to rethink his life choices.

    12. That time Paul tried to explain his actions and she totally shut him down.

    13. When she scared the shit out of this asshole just by taking a step forward.

    14. When Jim totally crossed the line and she nearly broke his nose.

    15. When Paul, once again, tried to make it seem like his crimes aren't *that* bad, and Stella had none of it.

    When in doubt, just ask yourself this: