26 Little Things That Are Actually The Worst

These things should be avoided at all costs. Inspired by this awesome Reddit thread.

1. When you open a box of cupcakes and see that one got smushed.

RIP cupcake.

2. When a grown adult cuts you in line.

And then they act like nothing even happened. But it did, it really, really did.

3. When you’re about to enjoy a nice glass of pinot, only to notice that someone else got a sip first: a fruit fly.

4. When you go to the bathroom and discover there’s one piece of TP left.

What am I going to do with ONE piece? It’s not even two-ply!

5. When your underarms start to sweat, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

6. Or when you realize you forgot to put on deodorant.

7. When no one bothered to take out the trash.

Doesn’t matter if it’s your fault, it still sucks.

8. Sleeping through your alarm, and having to rush as fast as you can so you’re not late to work.

My heart is pew-pewing with anxiety just thinking about this.

9. When this happens:

10. Going to do laundry, and seeing that the person before you didn’t clean the lint trap.

11. When you’re about to say something important, and another person interrupts you.

12. Whenever anyone says, “You look tired.”

13. When you’re stuck behind a really slow walker and can’t escape.

14. When you text someone, and they take their sweet time replying.

15. Or having a severe autocorrect fail.

16. When you’re running 10 minutes late, and can’t find your keys.

17. Not being able to fall asleep, and having to get through the next day without killing someone.

18. Walking outside when it’s raining, and your umbrella immediately breaks.

19. When someone bumps into you, and doesn’t bother to say “excuse me” or “sorry” or ANYTHING.

20. When THIS happens to your toothpaste:

21. Burning your food and not being able to eat any of it.

22. Getting the absolute WORST song stuck in your head.

Good luck getting that tune out. GOOD LUCK.

23. A flickering lightbulb.

And not having a new one to change it out.

24. Drinking coffee that’s filled with grinds.

Gross, now they’re in your teeth and… ewww. :(

25. Someone not holding the door open for you, even though you’re running to catch it.

26. When your co-worker comes into work sick and refuses to leave.


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