18 Lessons Every Parent Should Teach Their Kids

Don’t be rude, you little twits. Some adults could still stand to learn these, actually.

1. When the toilet paper runs out, replace it.

Don’t leave the person after you to fend for themselves mid-squat.

2. Chew with your mouth closed, so people don’t think you’re a disgusting monster.

3. Knock before opening a closed door.

Unless you are a creepy pervert, in which case—ignore this advice.

4. No one wants to see your pee-water, child, so put the toilet seat down.

Have some self-respect.

5. This is gross, cover your dang mouth.

Same goes for yawning. Cover those yawns.

6. Clean up after yourself, so you’ll never have to suffer through passive aggressive notes from people who hate you.

7. When someone is nice, make sure to say “thank you” in return.

8. If you’re feeling sick, stay home instead of being a disease-carrying monkey.

9. If someone asks how you’re doing, it’s not an invitation for a therapy session.

10. Don’t interrupt other people’s conversations.

Seriously, at least wait for them to finish a sentence.


11. Be nice, and hold the door open for someone else when you can.

12. Say “excuse me” if you accidentally knock into someone.

13. Put the cell phone away at dinner time.

14. When you’re out in public, don’t throw a tantrum, like a little bitch.

15. If someone’s talking to you and you’re bored, don’t show it.

16. Wait to eat until everyone has been served their food.

Or at least wait until they tell you it’s cool to go ahead.

17. If someone cooks for you, then help by cleaning the dishes.

18. If someone invites you to a party where they’ll be feeding your ass, then bring a little something in return.

Like wine, or a belly button lint brush.

Because if you are rude and exhibit any of these behaviors, this is what people will think of you.

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