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    Here's What Kim Kardashian Looks Like "Makeup-Free"

    Not a contour in sight...!

    This is Kim Kardashian in her normal red carpet state (aka, with some killer makeup on).

    Angela Weiss / AFP / Getty Images

    The contouring Queen, y'all. 👑

    But for the Balenciaga show at Paris Fashion Week, Kim decided to go in a less-contoured direction.

    "No makeup today," she posted to her Instagram.

    Kim Kardashian / Via

    "Just went to the Balenciaga show makeup-free. It kinda feels good," she Snapped.

    Some of her fans were definitely here for the makeup-free look:

    While others were hoping this doesn't become a regular thing:

    And some just flat-out dismissed the idea that she'd be sans makeup:

    Here's a little side-by-side action so you can see Kim with her signature look, and her newer makeup-free one.

    Larry Busacca / Getty Images / Via

    You keep living your best life, Kim.


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