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    Jon Hamm Fucked With Chicago Cubs Fans In The Most Masterful Way

    Oh, he PLAYED ball.

    Fun fact: Jon Hamm is a St. Louis Cardinals fan.

    Ed Zurga / Getty Images

    And on Friday night, during a World Series game at Wrigley Field between the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs, Hamm upped his damn game by wearing a Cardinals hat.

    FOX / Via Twitter: @SBNation

    As a reminder: the Cardinals were not playing in the World Series. OK, continue.

    Not just any hat, though, because the logo on this hat was used by the Cardinals from 1900-1919, and 1908 was the last year the Cubs won a World Series.

    Which means Hamm definitely knew what he was doing.

    And he also probably knew some people would take notice.

    Cardinals fans definitely didn't have any complaints.

    Cubs' fans waited 71 long years for Wrigley Field to host a World Series game, and this was Hamm's response...

    Well played, Hamm, well played. 👏🏽