Jennifer Lawrence Has Cloud-Wings In New "Catching Fire" Poster

On a related note: Tweens everywhere flock to Forever 21 to buy their very own cloud-wings. Oh, and the latest Hunger Games installment is still six months away, just saying.

1. Behold a bow and arrow clad Jennifer Lawrence in the latest poster for Catching Fire!

The poster was released earlier today by Lionsgate, along with an official Instagram account they created for the film.

The poster itself is beautiful, and looks like a painting of everyone’s favorite Victor.

It may be just a touch over-the-top, though. Colorful clouds AND a cowlneck shawl? Come on, we all know Katniss would never stand for such unnecessary flourishes.
(Maybe Effie Trinket was behind this.)

3. Oh, and just in case you need more of a Catching Fire fix, here’s the official movie trailer.

4. May the odds be ever in your favor!

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