This Sexy Calendar Is For Anyone Who Has A "Thing" For Redhead Men

    Spoiler alert: RED HOT redheads inside.

    Know what will make 2016 much more fiery? Hot redhead men.

    Which is why Thomas Knights, a UK based photographer, graciously blessed us with the RED HOT calendar.

    You won't need a fireplace this February if you've got this ginger man to light a fire in your

    And March? Please, he's got enough strength to drag you out of the gloomy weather and back to the LIGHT.

    Peekaboo! I see a hot redhead who needs a little help taking his clothes off. It's April, won't you lend him a hand?

    Sweet sassy molassey, I just drooled all over myself.

    Not sure what to do at this point. It's not yet June, and yet I NEED IT to be June so very badly.

    Is anyone else feeling lightheaded? Like, it's getting a little hard to breathe now?

    My heart stopped. I died for just a moment, then came back to life, and this ginger adonis was standing over me, saying everything would be OK.


    There is one smoldering ginger and two snakes in this photo...


    If this is how you die — just looking at Mr. December — then know that you've lived a long and fulfilled life.

    YES, PLEASE, to this tasteful nude calendar! 🚨

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