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People Are Going To Red Lobster Now Because Of Beyoncé

The day that Red Lobster stock soared roughly a million percent.

Because the world is good, Beyoncé blessed us all with a surprise release of "Formation."

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And the truly iconic lyric, "When he fuck me good, I take his ass to Red Lobster."

It's undeniable that we all love those cheddar biscuits...

...But now that we have Bey's blessing?

It's going to be Red Lobster day all day, every day.

Time to make that reservation.

Celebrating? You know what to do.

This isn't even a question anymore.

Me & my friends at Red Lobster : "Beyonce said we could have free cheddar biscuits to go." #Formation

I'm going. You're going. WE'RE ALL GOING.