Filmmaker Or Serial Killer?

Can you tell the difference between an artist and a psychopath?

  1. 1. Would you trust these cheekbones?
    1. Duh.
    2. Not a chance, those shades have killer written all over ‘em.
  2. 2. Is this an artistic brick or cellblock decor?
    1. It’s a filmmaker’s backdrop.
    2. It’s a serial killer’s confined space.
  3. 3. Are cigarettes better off in film or prison?
    1. Films!
    2. Prison!
  4. 4. Would a killer wear a bow tie?
    1. No chance, bow ties are for classy filmmakers.
    2. It’s part of every serial killers wardrobe, obvi.
  5. 5. Is this the 'stache of an artist or killer?
    1. That ‘stache is a work of filmmaker art.
    2. That ‘stache screams unstable.
  6. 6. What is this man looking at?
    1. The next subject of his film.
    2. His next victim!
  7. 7. Is denim for lovers or killers?
    1. He’s making sweet love to the camera in that denim shirt.
    2. Denim channels bloodlust.
  8. 8. What type of man would have this wild hair?
    1. The crazed film type.
    2. The crazed killer type.
  9. 9. Does this chic vest belong to a filmmaker or serial killer?
    1. Filmmakers are known for outerwear!
    2. Serial killers love to stay warm!
  10. 10. Is this the face of a creative genius or serial monster?
    1. Filmmaker face with an Oakland booty.
    2. Serial killer face with an Oakland booty.

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