19 Undeniable Female Friendship Truths, As Told By "Broad City"

    You would literally follow her into hell.

    1. You always know when your BFF has a crush, and you're the ULTIMATE winglady.

    2. When your friend needs an ego boost, you're all over that ass.

    3. If your friend has an enemy, they're your enemy too (but like, times 10).

    4. Sometimes you kinda feel like you're the same person, and it's creepy, but in a good way.

    5. She's the only person you can be completely honest with and not worry about any judgment.

    6. You always end up drunk-dialing each other, even when it's uncomfortably drunk.

    7. Your desires are never a secret from her, and chances are she agrees 100%.

    8. You two have had deep, meaningful conversations about important life matters while stoned, drunk, or both.

    9. When it comes to picking outfits, you'll always tell your friend the truth about when she's crushing it.

    10. Even when you do things that you should be arrested for, like stealing office supplies, she won't judge you.

    11. If your friend needs help, you'll legit drop everything to go sit by her side.

    12. You've vented to her so many times that she's practically your therapist.

    13. You have all the same interests when it comes to what constitutes a good time.

    14. You've had at least one life-threatening experience together, and are better friends because of it.

    15. When it comes to sex, you know just about everything that's gone down.

    16. You'd do ANYTHING to make sure nothing bad ever happened to your BFF.

    17. You're more confident when your friend is nearby, because if all else fails, you still have her!

    18. Sometimes, words aren't even necessary to express how you feel about her.

    19. Because you would literally follow her into hell, and it would be a fucking amazing party.