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17 Female Friendship Truths, As Told By Amy Poehler And Tina Fey

You're pretty much in an open relationship with each other.

1. Every time you see each other is basically a religious experience.

2. Because you're both each other's biggest supporter, and believe you'll one day rule the world (more than you already do).

3. When you've been friends with someone as long as you two have, you start to copy each other's mannerisms.

4. And when something bad happens to your bestie, it's also happening to you.

5. There's been at least one major thing you didn't want to do, but your friend talked you into doing it.

6. You both pretty much have a secret language of looks, gestures, and tones, at this point.

7. You have no problem telling your friend when they look like an idiot, because you'd expect the same thing in return.

8. You can only be your most petty, obnoxious self in front of your bestie.

9. You both say exactly what you feel in the moment, because you know if anyone's going to understand it's your BFF.

10. When you're going through a rough time, your bestie isn't just going to hold your hand, she's going to climb through the muck with you.

11. And your friend has made you laugh so hard that you've actually cried tears of joy.

12. You've often wished you could be sexually attracted to your BFF, because you know you'd be the best couple ever.

13. Because you can be your most silly, fun, ridiculous self with them.

14. When you're a hot mess, you know your best friend is going to take care of you, and vice versa.

15. And because you know what a catch your bestie is, you aren't afraid to help her realize that.

16. When you get down to it, you secretly like only each other.

17. At this point, you're pretty much in an open relationship with each other.

And anyone else who comes along just has to accept that.