17 Fast-Food Signs That Are Bizarrely Sexual

Or maybe I’m just a pervert.

1. The sign where Wendy just puts it all out there.

Damn girl, how much?

2. The sign that tells you exactly what you can get after you pump your gas.

4. The sign that proves size really does matter.

5. The sign that makes you wonder exactly what kind of taco they’re talking about.

6. The sign where KFC admits it’s totally DTF, you guys.

7. Fish. Box. That is all I’m gonna say.

8. The very special delivery sign.

9. The sign that asks you to be a little more adventurous… in your food order, of course.

The new “anus pounder,” you say? I’ll pass, actually.

10. The sign that advertises a new topping for tits.

Everyone, come quick!

11. The threesome sign.

12. The sign that puts the “NASTY” in dynasty.

13. The sign that’s worth every damn penny.

14. This sign for a fun new croissant.

15. Or the cool new snack wrap at McDonald’s.

16. The sign that sounds less cheesy, and more direct than anything.

17. Oh, and THIS …

Can you get coffee with that, or…? No? OK, I’ll take it anyway.

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