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    You Can Now See Kanye West's "Famous" Bed Of Naked Celebs In Person

    ::: heavy breathing :::

    Back in June, Kanye West released his video for "Famous," which included models of a bunch of naked celebs sleeping in a bed.


    The video was an homage to the painting "Sleep" by Vincent Desiderio.

    Kanye took Vincent Desiderio's "Sleep" & brought it to life with a modern twist.. if that isn't genius idk what is.

    Well, now Kanye's big bed and all the sleeping wax figures are on display in a "secret art gallery" somewhere in Los Angeles...

    Heading to a secret art gallery location to view Kanye's Famous Exhibition!!!!

    Exhibit A: This Snapchat from Kendall Jenner where we can indeed see the wax celebs surrounded by what I can only assume are art enthusiasts.

    Exhibit B: Another Snap from Kendall, showing Kanye not physically in the room, but instead appearing via video link.

    “it walks too” - Kendall via Snapchat

    Exhibit C: This picture of Kanye's video robot watching from the corner of the bed. LOL.

    Kanye may not have been able to appear in person at the gallery because he is probably a little busy prepping for the four minutes he was given to perform at the MTV VMAs this Sunday.

    And it's anyone's guess if this bed full of wax celebs will be joining him onstage.

    Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Exhibition- Made Taylor Swift Famous #pablo #filter #snapchat #perezhilton

    We'll just have to wait and seeeeeee!



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