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18 Everyday Words That Have A Completely Different Meaning In Prison

Watch out: The Ninja Turtles are coming! Seriously, this is not a good thing.

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5. "Beef"


Definition: It can be used in the, "I've got a beef with my boss" way, meaning that you've got issues. But it's also used to describe criminal charges. So, you'd say, "I was charged with a hit and run beef."

12. "Heat wave"

Definition: If you're feeling a heat wave in prison, that means that you're being watched by the prison staff constantly, and bringing heat to everyone around you. No one wants to be near a heat wave, not even on the outside!

17. "Road kill"

Definition: When prison crews work on the road, the cigarette butts they pick up are referred to as "road kill." Did I mention they take the butts back to the prison and use whatever tobacco is left to roll their own cigs using toilet paper?

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