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    18 Everyday Words That Have A Completely Different Meaning In Prison

    Watch out: The Ninja Turtles are coming! Seriously, this is not a good thing.

    1. "High class"


    Definition: Hepatitis C. As in, "That needle will make me high class."

    2. "Ninja Turtles"

    Definition: Referring to the guards dressed in riot gear. So, when the Ninja Turtles come to town, you better get out of the way!

    3. "Cadillac"

    Definition: Your bunk in prison. Or sometimes used to say a "Cadillac Job," which is a desirable prison work assignment.

    4. "Cowboy"


    Definition: A newbie correctional officer, and probably not a compliment.

    5. "Beef"


    Definition: It can be used in the, "I've got a beef with my boss" way, meaning that you've got issues. But it's also used to describe criminal charges. So, you'd say, "I was charged with a hit and run beef."

    6. "All day"


    Definition: Serving a life sentence. As in, "I'm in here all day."

    7. "Catch a ride"

    Definition: If you want to catch a ride, then you're trying to ask a friend with drugs to get you high.

    8. "Erasers" and "Chalk"


    Definitions: "Chalk" is slang for prison moonshine, as is "Jack" or "Jump-Steady." While "Erasers" is slang for chunks of processed chicken from the prison cafeteria. Yummy!

    9. "Bug"


    Definition: A member of the prison staff who shouldn't be trusted. Don't trust a bug! (Or a bug a boo, for that matter.)

    10. "Brake fluid"

    Definition: This refers to psychiatric medication a prisoner's put on to calm them down.

    11. "Fish"

    Definition: The term you'll hear when you first arrive in prison. You're a fish. A new inmate. A first-timer.

    12. "Heat wave"

    Definition: If you're feeling a heat wave in prison, that means that you're being watched by the prison staff constantly, and bringing heat to everyone around you. No one wants to be near a heat wave, not even on the outside!

    13. "Hit it"


    Definition: If an inmate tells you to "hit it," it probably means the opposite of what you'd think. They're telling you to leave, or get lost.

    14. "Rabbit"

    Definition: You know how bunnies tend to jump a lot? So does a rabbit in prison. This refers to an inmate who keeps trying to escape, or wants to escape.

    15. "Sandwich"

    Definition: This means that two or more inmates stab a fellow inmate, effectively sandwiching their target.

    Pass the mayo.

    16. "2 for 1"

    Definition: This is a type of prison transaction where you get drugs on credit, with the caveat that you'll pay the inmate back at double the price.

    17. "Road kill"

    Definition: When prison crews work on the road, the cigarette butts they pick up are referred to as "road kill." Did I mention they take the butts back to the prison and use whatever tobacco is left to roll their own cigs using toilet paper?

    18. "No good"

    Definition: If someone says you're "no good," it means that you're marked for death, or in bad standing with a fellow inmate. (Watch where you point that wand!)