26 Essentials Every Whiskey Lover Should Own

Need all of these things right now, please.

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1. A fancy kit so you can make your own whiskey.

For $149.99 you get two 750-milliliter bottles of 110 proof White Dog un-aged whiskey, an aging barrel, pouring funnel, two tasting glasses, and step-by-step instructions. The small barrel size allows for whiskey to be aged within three months, and the barrel can be reused for even more home-brewed hooch.

For a less expensive option, head over to Uncommon Goods for their whiskey and rum making kit.

2. Roly Poly Whiskey Glasses

These hand blown whiskey glasses roll on their own without spilling a drop. You can score six for $26.

3. A whiskey barrel coffee table that opens up for storage space.

Just lift the top of this white oak whiskey barrel table to reveal space to store oh, I don’t know, whiskey? It’ll cost you $539, but at least you’ll be able to say you had your morning coffee with a side of whiskey.

4. Bourbon marshmallows.

Ummm… yes to all of this, and a steal at just $7.50.

5. A guide to all things whiskey.

This is a whiskey book you should buy to impress your friends. It’s filled with illustrations of the whiskey-producing regions of the world, descriptions of the various whiskey varieties, and recipes. Plus, it’s a leather-wrapped hardcover book, so it will look fantastic on top of your bar.

6. Handcrafted Whiskey Barrel Side Table

The price is pretty affordable, at $100=5. Think of all the delicious whiskey you can put on top of it!

7. A hand-cut wooden sign to hang on your wall.

If only because the message is so undeniably true. This 10.5-by-7.5-inch print is just $17.

8. A whiskey case for your iPhone.

Make calls while dreaming of your favorite friend.

9. Why not count down the days till Christmas with this whiskey Advent calendar?

Count down the 24 days till Christmas by drinking to each of them, that’s what I always say! There are 24 doors, and behind each one is a small bottle of Scotch. There’s even a surprise bottle of a 50-year-old malt whiskey included behind one of the doors.

10. This Jack Daniels whiskey barrel ring.

That’s right, friends, the inner lining of this ring is crafted from a Jack Daniels Whiskey white oak barrel. It includes a certificate of authenticity, just in case people seem skeptical, and will run you about $285.

11. Stag Decanter

This hand-blown decanter comes personally monogrammed, and will run you $119. But, really, can you put a price on a stag head stopper? The answer is yes, you can, at $119.

12. Granite stones, so you can have your whiskey on the rocks.

If you want your whiskey on the rocks without that watered down ice cube taste, these are a great buy. All you have to do is pop them in the freezer, then plunk them in and pour. They’re also reusable, and a steal at $34.

If you’re an ice purist, you can also try out the sphere ice ball maker, which has reduced surface space, and thus less melting.

13. This whiskey flask, which speaks the truth.

It’s $15, and obviously a great way to flaunt your pride.

14. Whiskey coasters, for your glass o’ hooch.

A set of four coasters is $24, and they’re made from retired Bourbon Barrels.

15. Homemade salted whiskey caramels.

What’s for dessert? How about heaven? Find the recipe here.

16. A personalized whiskey barrel.

Worried someone will “accidentally” drink your whiskey? Fret no more, because with this monogrammed oak barrel, there’s no mistaking who the real boss is. (Hint: It’s you!)

17. Carry your whiskey with this signature leather flask set.

It comes with three bottles that you can fill up with whatever bourbon, scotch, or whiskey you like. Plus, it’s $72.

18. Whiskey pickles!

You know what my life needs? A vat of pickles, soaked in whiskey.

19. A whiskey decanter with personalization.

Every bar should have a decanter filled with whiskey, if only so that you look amazing while filling up everyone’s glass. Plus, this one will only set you back $39, and lasts a lifetime.

20. Chocolate filled with whiskey.

This milk chocolate goodness just got a whole lot better, because it’s filled with a Tennessee Whiskey center, and wrapped in gold foil. Perfection for just $9.99.

21. Vintage whiskey set.

For $59, this ’60s bar set is a steal. It’s made from a music box and comes with a whiskey decanter and ice bucket.

22. Remember prohibition with this antique whiskey prescription.

Hang this above your bar and look like a hero! This is a genuine antique from 1927, when alcohol was illegal, except for medical purposes. People would get around that pesky law by way of prescription, which shows just how important whiskey really is.

This particular prescription is for 16 ounces of spiritus frumenti, which is the latin term for whiskey. Speaking of which, I think I have a fever… better follow doctor’s orders.

23. Raw bourbon smoked sugar.

This raw sugar is smoked with repurposed barrel staves, giving it a subtle smoked oak flavor. Use it in pies, cookies, to top off cocktails, and oh, I don’t know, EVERYTHING.

24. A canvas whiskey tote.

Waxed to fit the timeless feel of your favorite bottle of whiskey. These are only available at Pappy Co.

25. A leather whiskey holster.

It’s hard to look more badass when you’re drinking whiskey, unless you add in a leather holster. Then you’re basically untouchable.

26. A whiskey-tasting notebook to keep track of your drinking exploits.

Steve Temple Photography / Via uncommongoods.com

This $5 journal is your new favorite whiskey diary. You can rate the whiskey, remark on the color, and use the flavor wheel to identify the subtle flavor notes.

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