17 Changes You Won't Regret Making This Year

    2017 > 2016

    1. Do something nice for a friend who needs help, without them having to ask for it.

    2. Work your ass off when you're at work, then go home and forget about work. (No work emails, calls, ya know — NOT working.)

    3. Forget the word "diet" and just focus on feeding yourself good and healthy foods.

    4. But be willing to treat yourself, because life is too damn short to not eat cake from time to time.

    5. Every day, as soon as you wake up, take a minute to think of one small thing you're thankful for.

    6. Start journaling. Write down what happened in your day, what you hope to accomplish, and what's going on in your world.

    7. Say "no" when someone asks you to do something you very much don't want to do.

    8. And FINALLY stop talking to the people who only seem to try and tear you down.

    9. Read at least one really amazing book this year. (If not more!)

    10. Be a decent human being and embrace people who are different from you. Seriously.

    11. Actually make a plan to save money over the next year — whether it's cutting out buying a daily coffee, or squirreling away more in a 401(k).

    12. And spend SOME of that saved money on a trip to a place you've never been before, even if it's just a town away.

    13. Really take the time to learn a new hobby you've always wanted to try.

    14. Keep your phone across the room so it's not by your bedside.

    15. Put sunblock on every day. Don't be a dumb-dumb, take care of yourself.

    16. Celebrate the small and big accomplishments you have this year (and yes, growing a year older is a damn accomplishment).

    17. But above all: Just try and do the very best you can each day.