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    Brother And Sister Scottish Fold Cats Are The Cutest Best Friends Ever

    If only human siblings could be this adorable. Thanks to guremike for all of these awesome photos.

    This is Thing One, a gray Scottish fold living in Japan.

    And this little calico cat is Thing Two, the sister to Thing One.

    I call this brother and sister duo Thing One and Thing Two, because as of yet, they haven't been given names!

    It's true! Also, you'll note that these Scottish folds' ears are unfolded, which is also pretty adorable.

    They're like Madonna, only better, because they're so awesome they don't need names.

    Top that, Madge! Oh, wait, you can't. Loser.

    Sometimes Thing One likes to hide in a basket, and while you might think it's just a good hiding spot...

    He's actually just keeping it warm for his sister, Thing Two.

    When they can, they share a box together.

    But if no box is to be found, a soft blanket will do.

    Other times, they both keep watch from the safety of a small chair.

    They take the job of lookout very seriously.

    But not sooo seriously that Thing One can't look down and give a, "Hey, you doing OK sissy?" to Thing Two.

    Thing Two hates being held.

    Mainly because she'd rather be cuddling with Thing One.

    Awww, who can blame her! These two just fit together when it comes to cuddles.

    Like every good cat, though, they also have their private moments.

    Some of which shall not be spoken of.

    But they don't last for very long, because Thing Two gets extremely bored without Thing One.

    And anxious.

    Even borderline agitated without her big brother around.

    There, there, Thing Two, there, there.

    Even though they sometimes get on each other's nerves... a point where they're just so totally over it...

    OVER IT. the end of the day, they're really just BFFs.

    Who enjoy bug hunting.

    Making questionable fashion statements together.

    And luxurious chin rubs.

    So many purrs for this.

    After all, what are siblings for if not to be awesome together, right?

    If you want more photos and updates on this adorable pair, make sure to visit guremike's blog!

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