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Beyoncé Just Showed Off Her Post-Baby Bod And It's Really, Really Something

Honestly, we just don't deserve her.

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Beyoncé gave birth a month ago, and we all remember where we were when the first photo of babies Rumi and Sir emerged.

Instagram: @beyonce

I was picking up a matcha latte and saw it on my phone and gasped, then drank the latte. Will never forget.

So now that we've met the twins, Bey is giving us photos of her post-pregnancy look and it's...

Instagram: @beyonce

...well, it's fucking perfect, of course.

Instagram: @beyonce

Take as long as you need to stare. Ignore the TV screen in the photo background. Focus on the Bey.

She and Jay took these looks out on the town to an album listening party as well. Pretty casual (but also not casual) date night.

Instagram: @beyonce

Congrats to Bey and Jay — looking good, as always!

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