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Being A Twentysomething In Los Angeles Vs. New York

We're all making zero dollars, basically.

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"Going out" in Los Angeles usually means hanging at a friend's house for dinner...or meeting up at your favorite neighborhood joint.

Meanwhile, over in New York City, your social calendar tends to revolve around trying out cool new spots.

And you feel like you have to have at been there at least ONCE just so you can say, "Yeah, I tried it, and it was overrated."

Weekends in New York: picnicking in Central Park (or McCarren, Prospect, etc.).

If the weather’s bad in L.A.: movie at the Arclight.

Tricky footwear in Los Angeles: You drive in flip-flops, change into heels when you park — meaning you can wear heels anytime/anywhere.

Tricky footwear in NYC: If there's walking involved, heels might be the bane of your existence.

At the very least, in winter, you're commuting in boots and switching them out at work.

In New York: You cringe every time the price of the MetroCard goes up.

"Hipster" (or whatever, you know) twentysomethings in L.A.: Silver Lake or Echo Park.

In L.A., it's easy to overdress because this is totally fine to wear out:

In NYC, everyone looks like they just got out of work.

See? It's really just apples and oranges. Not that you'd know anything about that, New York...

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