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    Posted on Feb 4, 2014

    20 Reasons Why You're The Awkward One In The Relationship

    Answer: Probably. OK, yes.

    1. Is this your idea of a great selfie?

    2. Have your farts gotten you into trouble with the law?

    3. Do you sometimes not only forgo pants, but clothes altogether?

    4. Do you make your partner's cat nervous?

    5. Have you taken a couple photo like this?

    6. Do you think this is a cute love note?

    7. Have you ever put a fake ear in a box and thought it was cute?

    8. Did you shit your pants today?

    9. Do you get extremely territorial about your Sprite?

    10. Is this your idea of a cute wedding photo?

    11. Do you constantly photobomb your partner's selfies?

    12. And do you sometimes make them uncomfortable because of it?

    13. Have you ever just kind of...licked their face?

    14. Or made this face mid-dance move?

    15. Is your signature move the hover hand?

    16. Are you super into sexting pics of Anthony Weiner?

    17. Or Ned Flander nudes?

    18. Is this how you react when your partner hugs you?

    19. Or do hugs make you reach instinctively for their genitals?

    20. And finally, are you any of the people in this photo?

    If you answered "YES" to one or more of these questions, then you are the awkward one in the relationship. Welcome to the club, friend. Let's hover hand together.

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