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    13 Amazon Reviews That Will Make Your Day Better

    Mainly because they're hilarious. Oh, and there's a Jurassic Park reference.

    1. This review of a truly bloody children's book:

    2. The review from a person who likely has five eyes now:

    3. This review of a "Daddle": a saddle for dads.

    4. The review that proves binders are really great for women:

    5. The review that's as uncomfortably sexual as the product:

    6. The review that Wendy Davis would approve of:

    If you don't know who Wendy is, then read this. You're welcome.

    7. The review that's tailored for nerds:

    8. The review that's just for HER:

    9. The review that puts The Sandlot to great use:

    10. The review that will make you want to get diabetes:

    11. The Dexter-approved review:

    12. The review that comes with a VERY SERIOUS WARNING:

    13. And the review that will remind you why Jurassic Park is so awesome: