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    This Woman Transformed Herself To Look Exactly Like Adele And It's Uncanny

    "Hello, it's me. I'm your twin." —Adele's doppelgänger, probably

    This is Ellinor Hellborg, a 22-year-old woman from Sweden who often gets mistaken for Adele. (If only we all had this problem.)

    Ellinor loves experimenting with makeup and after being told she had similar features to Adele, began to lean into it more.

    She posted to Instagram, "Been hearing l look like Adele, so I finally did an Adele inspired look!"

    The resemblance is insanely uncanny.

    And it isn't just Adele who Ellinor is able to imitate with makeup, she's done Zooey Deschanel too.

    In conclusion, makeup is an amazing gift to this world, and Adele's doppelgänger needs to teach us all how to look like this Queen.

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