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    A Retrospective Of Posh Spice's 17 Most Important Moments

    You better sit down for these, you might die from all the fabulousness.

    1. When she showed her humanity and agonized over what outfit to wear.

    2. When she put the "I" in Spice, and posed in a see through dress.

    You can't spell "Spice" without "Posh Is Awesome"... or whatever.

    3. When she visited a sick boy at the hospital and told Geri to take her top off.

    Gotta love Spice World, right?

    4. When she told Jon Stewart that he wasn't funny to his face.

    Things got a litte awkward after that, because he couldn't handle her realness.

    5. When she stole a tablecloth from these two unassuming blokes.

    6. When she sat on a bench with Sporty Spice and mouthed the words, "Wanna make love to ya baby" in unison.

    7. When she made this super important face for some lucky reporters.

    Brenda Chase / Getty Images

    8. When she pointed into the audience and chose us all to be her loyal subjects.

    9. Yes, she chose US.

    10. When she flashed her fierce cat nails in the "Too Much" music video.

    And her fierce cat suit.

    And this poor scientist, just minding his own business, nearly had a heart attack.

    11. When the Spice Girls found a bed to lie on, and Posh basically owned it.

    12. When she walked across an ice skating rink and was just like, "Posh doesn't skate, bitch, take it or leave it."

    13. When there was this Spice Girls photo shoot and she held onto this inflatable ball like, "What you all don't know is that Victoria Beckham will inherit the earth."

    14. When she flew onto the screen like some sexy futuristic monster in "Spice Up Your Life."

    15. When she starred as Midnight Miss Suki in "Say You'll Be There."

    16. And shot a beam of light out of her hand, like some badass desert witch.

    17. And when the Spice Girls wandered into a locker room and Posh made a football player her bitch.