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    6 Suggestions For The Ben & Jerry's "30 Rock" Ice Cream Flavor

    Tell us your favorite fantasy flavor inspired by the series!

    Here's a Liz Lemon–approved way to handle the series finale of 30 Rock: Eat your feelings. But, more specifically, eat Ben & Jerry's new celebrity flavor inspired by the show!

    The 30 Rock–themed flavor will be revealed tomorrow at a finale viewing party in New York at Latitude Bar & Lounge, but we've got our fantasy flavors all lined up so you can tell us which one you hope will win.

    1. Blerg-Berry Chunk

    Swirls of blueberry and raspberry fruit covered in night cheese and topped with muffin...tops.

    2. Good God Lemon Sorbet

    Lemon sorbet with 1% gold nougat and a scotch swirl.

    3. I Love Nougat So Much I Want to Take It Behind a Middle School and Eat It Low-Fat Frozen Yogurt

    Chocolate low-fat frozen yogurt with fudge-covered shark bites and a chocolate nougat swirl.

    4. A Perfect 10 Layers of Youthful Chocolate Chips

    Vanilla ice cream with 10 perfect layers of chocolate chips and an equal part thin and beautiful coat of blue glitter on top that will make you look younger.

    5. When Pig Fathers Fly

    Squirrel-tail ice cream topped with chunks of savory ham and sprinkled with salted tears.

    6. My Single Swirl of Chocolate Is Dropping

    White nonsense and sweet cream ice creams swirled with a single ribbon of chocolate and pieces of business weave.

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