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    50 Awkward Clothing Issues All Women Have To Deal With

    One word: thong.

    1. Thongs, in general.

    2. When you realize farrrrrr too late that your shirt is see-through.

    3. When your skirt clings to your tights and highlights every inch of your body.

    4. Panty lines.

    5. When you unintentionally tuck your dress into your underwear and flash the world.

    6. Actually, just flashing the world anytime a strong breeze approaches.

    7. When you're out somewhere and get blisters from your heels, but you just have to endure it or go home.

    8. When you're hooking up, taking off your panties, and, well, there are stains on them.

    9. Getting your hair stuck in the zipper of a jacket.

    10. When the underwire on your bra snaps, and you have to sit in prickly agony all day.

    11. When a purse strap attacks your hair.

    12. Putting a shirt on while your hair is still wet = see-through shirt.

    13. When you get a line in your stockings and try to cover it up with clear nail polish, only to then have that nail polish stick to your skin.

    14. When the neckline on a loose T-shirt creeps down and suddenly it's cleavage city.

    15. The small gap at the back of your jeans creating potential butt visibility.

    16. When the ink of dark-wash jeans comes off on your skin and you get blue legs.

    17. When your jeans start to stretch out after a few days of wear and you walk around all day doing the pull-up-pants walk.

    18. White pants, in general.

    19. Wearing high-waist pants on a day you're going to be super bloated...

    20. Walking through the rain and having the color of your flats stain your feet.

    21. Somehow managing to get lipstick on your teeth, and not knowing how long it's been there.

    22. Getting a manicure and having the nail polish smear all over you within 10 minutes.

    23. Pulling a shirt with a small neckline over your head, and smudging all of your makeup onto the collar.

    24. When you brush your teeth and get toothpaste on your shirt, because your boobs are like a shelf.

    25. Deodorant stains on your sports bra.

    26. Wearing tight pants to the gym, and getting a wedgie mid-workout.

    27. When your sports bra isn't snug enough, and the ladies bounce at will.

    28. Tights, in general.

    29. When your tights leave weird indentations on your waist after you take them off. (Especially if you realize this has occurred in the middle of a hookup situation.)

    30. The struggle between wanting to wear Spanx, because they make everything on your body look smooth, but also not wanting to black out.

    31. Everything about strapless bras.

    32. Purses that become a black hole when searching for the one thing you really truly need.

    33. That weird underarm fat that ALWAYS happens when you wear something strapless or thin straps — no matter what size you are.

    34. When your tights get shoe stains on them from the dye inside of your shoes.

    35. Having a heel give up on life and actually breaking off of your shoe while you're walking.

    36. Having to wear a tank top under a shirt because it's slightly too low-cut for work.

    37. Wearing a cross-body purse, and discovering that by wearing it across your boobs, it also unbuttoned part of your shirt.

    38. And when that cross-body purse awkwardly highlights the middle valley of your cleavage.

    39. When shorts ride up your crotch and you're forced to constantly pull them down.

    40. When the lining on your dress bunches up and you have to dig from underneath to pull it down.

    41. Accidentally tucking your dress into your tights.

    42. Tights that constrict your butt like sausage casing.

    43. Camel toe.

    44. Wearing a skirt and having to worry about flashing everyone if you uncross your legs.

    45. The horror that happens when you wear a short dress and are unable to sit down without having it hike all the way up.

    46. Trying to subtly pull up your strapless dress when it starts to fall down.

    47. Trying to tie a bikini together on your own.

    48. Or when you feel the strap of your bikini loosening, and feel your boobs start to slip away from the swimsuit and into the world.

    49. When the AC at work is too intense and your nipples get hard, so you have to cross your arms to pretend like nothing's wrong.

    50. Worrying that you look so smoking hot that you're going to make everyone else in the world jealous.