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29 Amazing Things You Learn In Your Late Twenties

Breaking news: Forever 21 makes you extremely uncomfortable now.

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1. The amount of excitement you get when you buy a new appliance is embarrassing.

My new Keurig is life, OK?

2. You never feel more accomplished than the moment when you replace a piece of Ikea furniture with something else.

I'll be back for the $1 ice cream cones though...

7. But now that you're in your late twenties, you care even less about what anyone has to say about what you eat.

8. You're less afraid of failure now, and more afraid of not trying new things.

11. You don't waste time on things you don't care about.

13. Instead of blaming everyone else, you've realized that you have a lot of control over your own life now.

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Pay your own bills, live your own life, and choose how you want to feel about that.

15. You've personally changed so much from who you were in your early twenties to now, that you know people can, in fact, change.

21. You're not afraid to quit a shitty job, because you know it won't get better if you stick it out.

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Trust me, I'm old and speak from experience when I say, "I quit."

22. Being productive on the weekends > sleeping in.

Sleeping in still happens, but mostly you're down for the getting shit done kinda weekend.

24. You're not afraid to splurge on yourself, because you work hard enough now that you've earned it.

25. Half of the friends you had in your twenties are gone, and that's actually a good thing.


You're a different person now, and they'll either grow with you or get left behind.

26. And you've learned that in order to keep the important friends, you have to make quality time with them.

Friend nights are life.

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