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26 People Having A Better Commute To Work Than You

While you may be stuck in traffic and cursing the world, these folks are having the best day ever.

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1. The guy who nailed this Buddy the Elf look and is making his neighbor incredibly jealous.

2. The guy who gives zero fucks about your fancy gaming systems.

3. The woman who found a new way to hold on for safety.

4. The gladiator who knows cars are for losers.

5. The friends who are enjoying their commute by getting some fresh air.

6. Whoever is dominating the road in this.

7. The guy who has the world's cutest co-pilot.

8. And the lady who gets to tickle a cat while she drives.

Also, note the rocking pink steering wheel cover!

Also, note the rocking pink steering wheel cover!

9. The person heading to the most important job in the world.

10. The driver who's so relaxed that he's doing it from the backseat.

11. The guy taking his boat to work.

12. The guy who's able to fall asleep in this position.

13. The guy who is most definitely not getting sick, like, ever.

We should try that trick.

We should try that trick.

14. The woman who won't let the morning traffic ruin her love of a fine cheese.

15. The guy who won't need a subway after figuring out how to ride a fire extinguisher.

16. The guy who's catching up on adult entertainment before his train arrives.

17. The proud shopping bitch.

18. The guy enjoying some pizza while dressed as winter Spider-Man.

19. The pigeon who miraculously got an entire row to herself.

20. Anyone going for a ride with these balloons.

21. The shirtless guy with two adorable seatmates.

22. Anyone who gets to sit next to this heavenly face.

23. Or the guy sitting next to Gandalf.

24. Or the woman who can have her noodles and drive with them too!

25. The beautiful person who owns this ride.

26. And the person driving this car that pretty much wins the world.

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