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    26 Party Hacks For The Holidays

    Can you get through this post without wanting to throw a party?

    Chris Ritter for BuzzFeed

    1. Got a pile of books and no where to put them? No worries, turn your "mess" into a holiday statement.

    2. And if you're hosting a cookie party with kids, put icing in condiment bottles to make sharing easier.

    3. Since guests will be taking photos, set up a DIY photo backdrop complete with holiday props.

    There's this Friendsgiving printout, or a Christmas prop kit, both are just $3.95 each.

    4. Turn champagne into a festive cocktail by adding cotton candy first, and then pouring champagne and Perrier over it.

    The result is a pink and fizzy treat! Find the recipe here.

    5. If your speakers blow out, these are two easy fixes to amplify the sound:

    If you are lacking in a spare toilet paper roll, or just want a little more subtlety, then putting your iPhone in an empty glass jar should do the trick.

    6. Pour like a pro by letting the Solo cup do the heavy lifting with these simple pour rules:

    7. Serve dessert out of individual plastic cups for less mess and cleanup.

    8. Colored paper, a hole punch, and needle and thread are all you need for gorgeous DIY Hanukkah window stars.

    Directions here.

    9. Have a broken umbrella? Spray paint the frame white and twist twinkling lights around the arms for an instant holiday lighting fixture.

    10. Create a wreath in a pinch with coffee filters and foam tubing.

    And if you don't like the color of your filter, you can dye that to fit your color scheme.

    11. Make Christmas trees out of ice cream cones.

    12. If you're out of clean knives, or just don't want the extra cleanup, cut cheese, cakes, and cookie dough with plain FLOSS.

    13. Make your home smell like the holidays by simmering vanilla, lemon, and rosemary on the stove.

    14. Don't buy new candles, just dip-dye what you have to match your party theme!

    Instructions over at Martha Stewart.

    15. These easy walnut labels make great place settings at a dinner party, or a fun favor for guests to leave with.

    16. Have leftover Solo cups? Use them to store your holiday ornaments.

    17. To avoid tangled lights, wrap them on hangers to keep them from coiling.

    18. If you have LED lights and balloons, then you can turn them into DIY LED balloons to light your party.


    Instructions and kits at Brit + Co.

    19. If you're planning to decorate pinecones, bake them first to eliminate any bugs!

    20. To save yourself cleanup, place a cutting board over a trashcan so you can easily toss the scraps.

    21. Have leftover chips? Break off the ends of a plastic hanger to create easy clips.

    22. Add a festive touch to brownies or fudge by baking them in cookie cutters.

    23. Turn plain cupcakes into turkey cupcakes with the help of swedish fish and an ice cream cone.

    24. Skip the food labels and let it speak for itself with a chalkboard serving platter.

    The DIY chalkboard instructions can be found over at Wit and Whistle. And if you're strapped for time, chalkboard cheese platters sell on Amazon for $19.99.

    25. Add a "Santa hat" to brownie bites with the help of a strawberry and some cream.

    26. If you need quick decorations, turn a coffee filter into a snowflake!