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    25 Ways To Make Your Home A "Star Wars" Heaven

    May the force be with you, and your kitchen decor.

    1. Welcome guests with this Master Yoda mat.

    2. This awesome wall decal turns any living room into a galaxy far, far away.

    3. Keep the force of beer ice cold with a RefrigerVader.

    4. Don't underestimate the fork.

    5. These Star Wars coffee mugs are your only hope for a caffeine boost!

    6. Four pillowcases fit for any Jedi's couch.

    7. Use the engraved bamboo coasters, Luke.

    8. Even Jedi's need oven mitts.

    9. Show your allegiance to the Galactic Empire with this stormtrooper clock.

    10. Or, if you need something a little less scary, how about C-3PO and R2-D2?

    11. This Millennium Falcon isn't just badass, it also doubles as a mirror.

    12. Get a wood burned Boba Fett all up on your wall.

    13. How about washing your hands with these rose soap Star Wars-inspired bars?

    14. Get ultimate protection with the Clone Trooper vinyl wall decal.

    15. If you have to blow your nose, you may as well do it with a Stormtrooper watching... Right?

    16. Gussy up your fridge with these Star Wars owl magnets!

    17. Catch some zzz's in a Deep Space Fighter bed!

    18. Pepper Vader and Salty Stormtrooper to the bland rescue!

    19. Make your drinks epic with these Star Wars koozies!

    20. A set of 4 custom painted wine glasses? Cheers to that!

    21. Open those bottles 'o' vino with a helpful Ewok!

    22. And, if that's not Star Wars enough, these charms for your glass should do the trick!

    23. There's nothing that quite says "Han Solo" like this ice cube tray mold of his form in Carbonite.

    24. The Dark Lord brings, well, darkness with these appropriate blinds.

    25. The only time I want Chewbacca in my shower is when it's impossible for him to clog the drain.