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24 Clever Ways To Get Organized From Etsy

For when you don't have time to DIY, but do have a credit card...

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1. This message/cork board combo with hooks to hang your coat is perfect to go by the door so you have all your things in one place.


12. Make the most of your space with these handmade glass and wood stackable kitchen containers.

These containers start at $24 and stack vertically, so they won't take up as much counter space. They also prevent against things like mold and mildew, so you can keep your food dry!


15. Clear jars with chalkboard labels help you see what you've stored, and have the option to change what's in them.

Each jar is $16.99, which might seem steep, but you'll be able to re-use these so often that it'll make up for it.


23. This customizable wood block of a desk organizer will make you a Ron Swanson winner among less organized losers.

For $89 you can say if you want a holder for an iPhone, iPad, or whatever other iProduct you may have.

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