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23 Shark-Inspired Jewelry Pieces You Absolutely Need Right Now

Because Shark Week comes but once a year!

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1. A shark bite wrist cuff is the perfect way to show your shark pride — $50 on Etsy

2. A Hammerhead shark ring is the best boss accessory you could ask for — $68

3. Gold shark tooth studs, anyone? — $20

4. Or how about these bronze shark tooth rings to add some bling? — $85

5. Get fierce with a fossilized shark tooth necklace — $56

6. Sharpen your teeth on this upper arm shark tooth cuff — $85

7. Nothing says, "Beware: I bite!" like a sterling silver Great White Shark ring — $174

8. This sterling silver shark ear cuff is much friendlier than it looks — $48

9. For a more modern piece, check out this blackened steel hammerhead shark necklace — $58

10. Or go all 3D with a shark necklace and initial charm — $18

11. Extra cool points for this jaw shark necklace with an initial charm — $16.95

The mouth can open and close!

The mouth can open and close!

12. House of Harlow has got you covered with a multi-shark tooth necklace — $48.24

13. And get cutesy with these epic shark stud earrings — $24

Chomp chomp.

Chomp chomp.

14. Feeling blue? These Great White shark post earrings should cheer you right up! — $15

15. A gold and black shark tooth belly chain is perfect for the beach — $140

16. Show them who the queen of the ocean is with this shark chasing fish necklace — $20.73

17. Forget brass knuckles, a brass shark ring is where it's AT — $30.99

18. Gold dipped shark tooth earrings? Yes, please! — $10

19. Add some glam with these sparkly gold hammerhead earrings — $14

20. Add a little color to your teeth with a turquoise and gold shark tooth belly chain — $47

21. A fabric pendant necklace: totally appropriate to wear around all age groups! — $7

22. This great white shark cuff packs a big bite — $30

23. Or make a subtler bite with a gold plated shark tooth ring — $24.99

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