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23 People Who Prove Karma Is Real

This will make you feel better about life in general.

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1. The guy who picked the wrong chair to kick.

2. The girl who should probably rethink her life choices.

3. The burglar who underestimated his target.

4. The guy who got as much as he gave.

5. The wannabe grammar king.

6. And his grammar queen.

7. The man who tried to conquer bubblegum and got a karmic splat of reality.

8. The complete idiot who didn't get run over by a car, but got a healthy punch in the face.

9. The bully-turned-Subway-employee.

10. The man who foolishly taunted a bull.

11. The woman who should know better than to call her ex-boyfriend "lazy."

12. The guy who got a high five, alright.

13. The cheater who has nowhere to hide.

14. The dog owner who's never going to mess with his pooch again.

15. The thief who will never stop regretting his life choices.

16. The guy who learned to never kick public property.

17. The biker who fell on his face.

18. The vandal who totally got schooled.

19. The soccer player who should work on his aim.

20. The driver who took karma into his own hands.

21. The little swimmer and his reluctant cat friend.

22. The man who went bowling for birds and lost a bag in the process.

23. And the amateur ninja who needs more practice.

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