21 Reasons You Were Afraid Of The Dark As A Kid

Let's be honest, we're all still afraid of the dark for these reasons.

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1. You owned one of these.


This game originated in the 1840s during the spiritualism movement. It was later patented in 1891 and sold as a toy for $1.50 a pop. It still terrifies impressionable tweens today.

3. You went to a sleepover and played Bloody Mary.


Some say the game is based off of Queen Mary I, who's historically known as "Bloody Mary," while others have suggested that the ritual started as a way for women to see their future husband's face in a mirror.

Either way, it's still terrifying.

4. You also practiced some witchcraft with light as a feather, stiff as a board.


If you didn't play this game at a sleepover, chances are you saw it in the movie The Craft. But it started out in London during the 17th century plague, when children chanted the words as a superstitious way to fend off disease.